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Jettrax All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Snowmobile Lifts

Lifts for Full Size Pickup Trucks

Atv/Snowmobile Lifts
Atv/Snowmobile Lifts

The Jet Trax Rack is the answer to all your problems. How do I tow my boat or travel trailer and still take my ATV or Snowmobile. The Jet Trax ATV or Snowmobile Lift offers a unique way to transport your ATV or Snowmobile in the back of your short or long bed pickup truck. Its "above the bed rail" design allows you to load 2 ATV's or Snowmobiles or 1 ATV and 1 Snowmobile and still have almost your entire truck bed available for storing your gear. The Jet Trax attaches securely to the frame of your truck and is easily removable in minutes.

Launch picture 1 Launch Picture 3

Simply take the tow hook at the end of the winch strap and hook it securely to the tow eyelet or bumper of your ATV or Snowmobile. Then press the button to start pulling your ATV or Snowmobile onto the Jet Trax Deck. To unload, pull back on the ATV deck to start the motion and let gravity and the controlled reverse action of the winch lower your ATV or snowmobile safely to the ground.

What are some of the many benefits of the Jet Trax?
  • You can carry two ATV's or Snowmobiles on the truck
  • Pull a utility or travel trailer while carrying two ATV's or Snowmobiles
  • Use the bed space to store gear or cargo
  • Install the rack in minutes by yourself.
  • Remove the rack from your truck in minutes
  • No Trailer to Store
  • No Insurance
  • No 55 MPH in the slow lane
  • No Trailer Registration
Some of Jet Trax Features
  • Precision jig welded utilizing tooled fixtures. Jet Trax is made from 1/8 inch thick, high quality carbon steel providing maximum strength and durability.
  • Completely Powder coated to hold up under the harshest of weather conditions and tolerates heat and moisture much better than paint. Powder- coating gives much longer wear, is chip and rust resistant, and looks great!
  • Jet Trax uses maintenance-free HMW nylon rollers. No lubrication is required
  • Comes with 1 or 2 All Weather 12v 2500 pound electric WARN winch (lifetime warranty on the mechanics of the winch) and 12 foot cable remote control switch.
  • Attached to your truck with a .5" X 3 " X 48" flat still mounting plate. This is mounted to the frame of your truck. The Jet Trax thread bolts into the mounting plate. Therefore, you never have to climb under the truck to remove the Jet Trax from your truck.
  • Jet Trax can be removed from your truck in about 10 minutes.
  • The Jet Track rests on the floor of the truck bed, not on the bed rails, providing more stability and evenly distributed weight. This feature prevents damage to the bedrails .
See the Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional product information.
Jet Trax ATV Picture Jet Trax ATV Picture Jet Trax ATV Picture
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Snowmobile/ATV loading clip

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Price Information

Part No.


Approx. Weight of Unit

Truck bed size



Single ATV/Snowmobile Lift, 74” long. Holds 1 ATV or Snowmobile up to 48” wide

Special Order Only - Allow 4 weeks for delivery

350 LBS

6.5 Ft




Double ATV/Snowmobile Lift, 74 ” long. Holds 2 ATV's or Snowmobiles up to 48 “ wide

Special Order Only

550 LBS

6.5 Ft




Single ATV/Snowmobile Lift, 95 ” long. Holds 1 ATV or Snowmobile up to 48” wide

Special Order Only

350 LBS





Double ATV/Snowmobile Lift, 95 ” long. Holds 2 ATV's or Snowmobiles up to 48 “ wide

Special Order Only

550 LBS

8.0 Ft



Prices Do Not Include Installation or Shipping. 

Prices subject to change without notice . Click Here to see a complete Price List and Return Policy

Always use safety tie down straps and follow manufacturers loading guidelines.
Please Send Questions via E-Mail at jettrax
Toll free 1-800-953-8729
Outside USA (661)904-9910 




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