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Welcome to Jet Trax's Help and Frequently Asked Questions page! Below we have Contact information and answers to questions that we hope will help you choose the right Jet Trax to meet your needs. If you have any additional questions, please call us Toll Free at 1-800-953-8729

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the racks made of?
A: Jet Trax are fabricated out of 1/8-inch thick high quality steel. All joints are precision welded. All rough edges are smoothed. 
Q: Do you keep all models in stock?
A: We try to keep most models in stock. Plese call several weeks before you will need a Jet Trax to make sure.
Q: How much does the Jet Trax weigh?

A: The weight is as follows:

Single Short bed – 350 LBS

Double Short bed – 550 LBS

Single Long Bed – 350 LBS

Double Long Bed – 550 LBS

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
A: Shipping to a freight terminal or business with a fork lift generally runs around $300.00. Shipping to a residence is approximately $350. Please give us a call for exact shipping costs.
Q: How long does the assemble take?

A:Jet Trax is all one piece and requires no assembly.

Q: Do you install the Jet Trax?
A:Yes, you may come to our location and we will be happy to install the Jet Trax for you.
Q: How long does installation take?

A: Installation takes about 1-1½ hours. Please follow the instructions, which require drilling 3 holes in the bed of your pickup truck.

Q: How much do you charge to install a Jet Trax?
A: We charge $150.00 to install a watercraft Jet Trax and $200.00 to install a Rampage Power Lift.
Q: Are any modifications to my truck required?

A: No, no modifications are required to install a Jet Trax in the bed of your pickup truck.

Q: Can one person install or uninstall a Jet Trax from the truck alone?
A: Yes, with the optional dolly wheel kit, (4 legs and casters) you would simply slide the Jet Trax part way out and attach a leg to each corner. This keeps the Jet Trax the same height as you truck, so one person can safely load and unload a Jet Trax in about 10 minutes.
Q: Can I install a Jet Trax if my truck has a plastic bed liner?
A: Yes, it does not matter if you have a plastic or spray in bed liner.
Q: How do I load my watercraft onto the Jet Trax?

A: You simply float your PWC up to the cradle of the Jet Trax, and insert the hook from the Jet Trax into the nose hook of your watercraft. Flip the remote control switch and watch your PWC load into the back of youpick up truck. It only takes about 30 seconds. (Click Here to see a clip of a PWC being loaded onto a Jet Trax)

Q: How do I unload my watercraft into the water?
A: The reverse of what you did to load the PWC. The gravity and the controlled reverse action of the WARN winch quickly and easily lower your PWC into the water.

Q: How do I secure my load Watercraft to the Jet Trax?

A: After the PWC are loaded onto the Jet Trax, put the travel pin in the Jet Trax and put 2 straps from the back of the watercraft to the underside of the truck bumper. This will hold the back end secure. The front end is secured by the winch.

Q: How does a fully –loaded rack affect the way my truck handles?

A: Your truck will handle as if you were carrying a small camper. Even thought the watercraft sit above the bed rails of the truck, most most of the weight of the PWC's is over the rear wheels of the truck and the engine sits down low on the watercraft. Depending on the size of your truck, you should barely notice the extra weight.

Q: Can I carry just one Watercraft?
A: Yes, if you have a double model, you can still carry only one watercraft on one side.
Q: What size Watercraft can the Jet Trax carry?

A: A 6 ½ foot model can carry watercraft up to 117 inches in length and an 8 foot model can carry watercraft up to 131 inches in length.

Q: Can I put a 3 seater watercraft on a 6 ½ foot bed pick up truck?
A: No, because a 3 seater watercraft is about 10 feet long and your truck is only 6 ½ feet long, this would leave approximately 3 ½ feet of overhang over the back of your truck. This would affect your turning radious if you were towing a boat or travel trailer. Also, this puts the weight of the PWC behind the rear wheels of your truck instead of over the rear wheels of your truck. Depending on the size of your truck, this can make the front end of your truck too light and unsafe.

Q: Do you make a model to fit small or mid-size trucks?

A: No, the full size trucks work best for carrying watercraft, some mid-size trucks can carry 2 seater watercraft.

Q: Can I have a “custom” rack built?

A: No, we can not make custom racks, but we can do some minor modifications to a Jet Trax. Please call us at 1-800-953-8729 to discuss your modifications.

Q. After ordering, how soon will I receive my Jet Trax?

A: If we have your model Jet Trax in stock, it will be about a week. Please call 3-4 weeks before you need a Jet Trax to make sure we have one in stock. 

Q. Where can I get Mouting Installation Instructions?

A: To download instructions, Click Here


There is inherent risk involved in the use of Personal Watercraft and the loading, unloading and hauling of these watercraft using any carrier system. Jet Trax assumes no liability whatsoever for damage or injury incurred during the incorrect use of this product. 

Always use safety devices and follow manufacturers loading and unloading guidelines and instructions.

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