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PWC Loading Procedures

Launching a Personal Watercraft- It's as EASY as ...









It only takes about 30 seconds !!

Unloading Procedures

  • Back down the launch ramp till the rear wheels are touching the water.
  • Lower the tailgate and remove the safety travel pin.
  • Attach the remote control switch
  • Flip the switch to slowly slide the unit back and launch your craft
  • Unhook the nose clip from the front of the craft and reattach it to the Jet Trax unit.
  • Gently push your craft away from the truck and you are ready for fun.


Loading Procedures

  • Unhook the nose clip from the Jet Trax and clip it onto the nose of the craft
  • Flip the switch to slowly pull the craft back up onto the bed of the truck.
  • Stop when the nose of the craft is over the top bar.
  • Disconnect the remote control switch
  • Attach the safety travel pin to each side and close the tailgate


Unloading your Watercraft onto a Watercraft Dolly Stand


Your watercraft can be easily unloaded from your Jet Trax onto a dolly stand. Just tilt the Jet Trax back and slide the dolly stand under the unit, continue sliding the watercraft back (using the remote control switch attached to the winch) until the watercraft is completely on the dolly stand

Plenty of Storage Space for all of your Equipment

Jet Trax loaded Jet Trax Storage
Large storage area below. You do not have to remove any of your equipment before you unload your Personal Watercraft, ATV or Snowmobile.
Watercraft Video Clip

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The video clip is 2.1 MB and may not play correctly on slower modems. If you would like us to send you the video clip on CD or Video, please Click here to fill out the Information Request Form and we will send you a copy.

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